About us

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May India

One needs to look no further than May Projects when in dire need of a world-class architecture firm or a fashionable trendy design studio. May Projects prides itself on being a solution provider in construction space. All building and design requirements will be taken care of, not only to one’s utmost satisfaction but to an unparalleled delight.

There are only three cornerstones in success – creativity, experience, and optimism. May projects has a diverse, innovative team whose ideas are not only out of the box but out of the world too. They have a range of myriad experiences to turn back to and are nurtured by visionary and focused leadership.

The leadership team always believes in a customer focused approach in everything they do, which has shaped up the entire business model and framework. Products are built to soothe customers with mind-boggling comfort, inspire them with breathtaking design, and retain them with exceptional quality.

The existing client base has stayed for a very long time and continues to remain, solely for the quality and delivery standards.

Quality is never compromised, and combining it with pioneering industry innovation makes the company hard to miss.

The design does not come at the cost of safety, and hence high importance is placed on strict adherence to safety standards and regulations. Also, undue importance and attention are given to timely delivery of the project as customer trust once broken can never be regained.

Our team

May Projects is a people's first company, and a lot of thought goes behind the design of a customer’s experience. Designers, Architects, and Engineers from diverse backgrounds are united by their will to excel, desire to stand out, and eagerness to surprise. The main factors for the team’s success are the multi-faceted experiences and unique perspectives that they all bring to the table.

High quality standards, timely execution, efficiency and innovation are the hallmarks of the excellence which we strive to deliver with every project.We believe that in order to deliver the best possible result, we must constantly push our limits, take risks, discover and hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards with each project.

Our Mission

May Projects is driven by a mission, not only to meet expectations, but also to exceed satisfaction and joy to the evoking customer. Equal focus is given in doing our bit for the community by developing enriching environments. There is a thought about the environment and the impact of buildings on mother-nature that goes behind every construction. The team is focused on coming up with landscape designs which nowhere detrimentally affects the environment.