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Types of Machines

Generally, any company involved in construction, design, and architecture, needs to have a state of the art manufacturing facilities and robust processes going hand in hand with each other. We are no exception as quality and efficiency were the go-to words while designing the factory.

Straight Edge Banding Machine

This machine provides first-class edge processing solutions for a broad range of processes and materials with extreme accuracy and precision.

Curvilinear Edge Banding Machine

This is an extremely flexible machine for application of PVC/ABS OR Veneer on straight or shaped panels.

Hot Press Machine

Structure of our Hot Press Machine is made entirely of welded and tool machined beams offering the client a highly reliable product.

Panel Saw Machine

The famously smooth-running sliding table saw machine remains the undeniable benchmark for precision cutting.

CNC Router Machine

Taking digitized data, a computer and CAM program is used to control, automate, and monitor the movements of a CNC machine.

Manual Router Machine

These machines are equipped with advanced features and their workability alleviates the operations quite significantly.

Polishing Booth

It is a machine useful for products to be spray painted, sanded down and PU(Polyurethane) Polished

Multi-Borer Machine

Multi Boring Machine is a very user friendly and totally maintenance free machine. It is used for production of holes for mini fix, dowels and for hinges.


At May, we have the required expertise to perform every service needed to bring a design to life. Our ability to provide integrated turnkey solutions eliminates the need for the client to liaise with multiple parties at once, thereby ensuring a seamless business experience.

BRANDT HOMAG Straight Edge Banding Machine

SCM Curvilinear Edge Banding Machine -

ORMA Hot Press Machine

ALTENDORF Panel Saw Machine

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